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Biscuits & Company on Alfred Street in downtown Biddeford: if you haven’t been there, put it on your ‘to-do list’, and get there soon. Why wait any longer (?) for some of the most innovative, fresh, and of course delicious breakfasts and lunches in the state, and beyond! We’ve been here before and have featured some images, but with an official food shoot behind us now, it was time for an update!

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Above, the “Big Biscuit” sandwich. Here’s another thing that makes the Biscuits & Company (B&C) food so darned good: top quality ingredients. If owner Stacy Cooper hasn’t made the thing you’re eating right on site, then it’s guaranteed that she will source the ingredients as locally as possible and with as high of a quality as possible. The bacon is a perfect example. There isn’t anything quite as good as thick, smoky, perfectly-cooked strips of bacon with that perfect lean:fat ratio. Speaking of smoky, the cheese is smoked cheddar. And no, none of this smoking is anywhere near over-the-top. Everything here is just right.

food photography maine

Here’s a breakfast platter with ham and B&C’s amazing home fries. Fresh, fresh, fresh is the word here! Like your eggs sunny-side up, or hard? Either is perfectly fine and just a simple request away.  The herbed home fries are a special treat. maine commercial food photography

Here’s the fundamental basics, and what has put B&C on the map. Their incredible biscuit, here shown with locally-made Casco Bay brand butter and Over The Dam brand jam.

food photography maine

Locally-sourced granola is another excellent menu item at B&C.

food photography in maine

Picture yourself at this table of amazing breakfast foods, all cooked to perfection at B&C. food photographers in maine

And, did we mention Palace Diner isn’t just for breakfast? There’s an ever-changing assortment of specials to appeal to meat-lovers and vegetarians alike. Here’s a fantastic salad being drizzled with a red wine vinaigrette.

Biscuits & Company
25 Alfred Street
Biddeford, ME

Hours: We always suggest calling first to verify
From the B&C web site:
Weds-Sat 7:30AM – 2PM
Sunday Brunch 9AM-1PM


Social media sites for Biscuits & Company:

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Facebbok page


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iconic maine diner

How cool is this place? And it is not just cool to look at, not just the most retro-looking diner around (because it’s not a “reproduction”…it’s authentic), this, which just happens to be Maine’s oldest diner, is home to some of the best food anywhere. And, it’s not just us, Bon Appetit magazine said, in December 2014 that Palace Diner in Biddeford was in the running for the Top10 New Restaurants in the United States. Yep, in the whole U.S., not just in Maine. Palace has been written up favorably in too many articles to even begin to list. Leave it at this: just come by and see for yourself. This is an iPhone photo, by the way; processed using the Snapseed app and taken at a very rare moment that all 14 stools were not full.


Biscuits & Company | Biddeford Maine Food Photographers

Biddeford Maine food photographers

When a new restaurant comes to town, we just can’t resist checking it out, especially when it involves biscuits! When you’re Biddeford Maine food photographers and that new restaurant is in your backyard, you try to get there as soon after opening as possible. Stacy Cooper, the owner of Biscuits & Company, is as friendly and approachable a person that you will ever meet. Since we live just a short walk away, we have spent our share of mornings at the new Biddeford eatery. There are so many reasons that we love this place! One reason is the ambiance. It’s just as warm and friendly as its owner, with it’s orange and gray theme, and a wall dedicated to a description of biscuits by author Laurie Colwin. See below.Biscuits & Company decor

As if the warm and homey feeling wasn’t enough, the food is incredible. Biscuits, hot from the oven, flaky and golden are the basis for the sandwiches. Whether you choose a breakfast sandwich with egg, cheese, and bacon, or the Big Biscuit with egg, cheese, tomato, greens, and homemade sweet red pepper relish (below), the biscuit is the foundation.Biscuits and Company, Biddeford, Maine

The Big Biscuit SandwichAnother reason to love Biscuit & Company, is Stacy’s commitment in sourcing the highest quality, local ingredients. One such local purveyor is Maine Coast Roast, owned and operated by Holly and Paul Ayoob, of Biddeford. Holly created a dark roast coffee specifically for Biscuits & Company, called BC Blend, it is dark and smooth, a perfect compliment to the biscuits.Biscuits & Company, counter displayBiscuits & Company, cupcakesBiscuits & Company, truffles

We just happened to stop in this morning, Valentine’s Day, with many different sweet options to celebrate the day, including cupcakes, truffles, cookies, and heart shaped biscuits, of course! Above, and below.Biscuits & Company, biscuits

Biscuits & Company, decor

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This pizza is delicious! It must be from a wood-fired pizzeria, right?food photographer in maine

A: It’s home baked.  The pizza is from Funky Bow Bread and Brewery Company (and Bakery) in nearby Lyman, Maine.  Liz and I encountered them quite by chance at the Saco River Market. Continue reading


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I’ve been searching for what I feel is Maine’s best hamburger for a long time.  I’ve been here before, and always loved what I’ve tasted.  For some reason, however, today the light bulbs came on.  Bells, whistles, alarms, marching bands, you name it. One bite and  I realized I FINALLY had found the PERFECT hamburger in Maine (and beyond?),  at least in my humble terms.  I am a burger purist.  I love avocado but don’t want it on a burger.  I love bacon, but again, I don’t want it on my burger.  I don’t want lettuce and tomato, either.  I just want to taste the fresh, high quality beef that’s properly cooked, delicious MELTED cheese, a steamed soft, squishy bun, and a just-right amount of grilled onions, mustard, and sweet red relish.  Assembled with care, not “slapped together” which so many otherwise OK burger places seem to think is the right way to do things.  Harmon’s Hamburgers (aka Harmon’s Lunch to the regulars) on Route 100 in West Falmouth, Maine did all this and more during today’s lunch visit. Continue reading


maine food photographerThe salads at Frontier in the Fort Andross building in Brunswick are just amazingly wonderful.   Take for instance, the wedge salad as pictured here.  It’s perfection.  So well done, so delicious.  And, the lowermost photo is Liz’ favorite, the grilled Caesar.  We bypass other incredible choices, like the jerk chicken tacos, the amazing burger, the lobster roll, to name a few,  at this favorite and highly-acclaimed restaurant just so we can enjoy the salads time and again.  Continue reading


maine food photographyThis is a simply amazing, and simple to make, vegetable smoothie.  You can add greens if you wish, this one I wanted primarily tomato-influenced.  It’s a tomato and a half; a carrot stick, lots of celery, about 1/4 of a red pepper, a little diced onion and jalapeño, a cup and a half of ice, dashes of pepper, red pepper flakes, and celery salt.  The rest is in the hands of the Vitmaix.  Enjoy! Continue reading


best Maine lobster rollSo, probably every other place, so it seems in Maine that offers lobster rolls claims the title that theirs is “Maine’s Best Lobster Roll”.  I kind of have a hunch: the place that REALLY has the best lobster roll in Maine very likely is NOT one of the places that makes that claim.

To me, it turns out that the perfect lobster roll is all about ratios.  Like a fine martini, this is all about the ratios.   Ratios of lobster meat to bun.  Oh, wait.  Speaking about the bun, here is another thing I say: Maine’s Best Lobster Roll is probably NOT going to come on the seemingly requisite “New England style” hot dog bun. Continue reading


Maine food photogarphyTime and again on the top of almost, if not all, “The Best Hamburger in Maine” list, this is the (famous?) “7-Napkin Burger” at the Owl’s Head General Store.  It was, indeed, darn good.  While not necessarily at the “top” of said list in my book, it is certainly a serious contender.  I was torn as to whether or not to order my standard toppings of only grilled onions and mustard, thus letting the beef and the bun do most of the work, or to order the 7-Napkin variant in order to experience their top offering.  Eating burgers is now relegated to the “once in a while” department, but for sure I will try this one again the next time I am in the area.  And at that time, yes, it will be grilled onions and mustard only.  Oh, ya.  I need to remember to bring my own celery salt, in case they don’t have any.  To me, that is the “Holy Trinity” of burger toppings…grilled onions, yellow mustard, and celery salt.  Of course with the best beef and the best bun.  The Owl’s Head General Store patty looks to me like it started as 7 or 8 ounces, is cooked exactly to order, and is served on a really good bun.  It was a challenge to keep it all together but, yes, with the help of exactly 7 napkins, I didn’t make too much of a mess… DO try this burger if you love them as much as I do.  Just skip the lettuce and tomato if they aren’t your top favorites.   The burger is not inexpensive, but with a bag of chips it’s still a  reasonable value at $8.50.  Or a now-it’s-getting steep at $10.30 if you want bacon.   There are tables inside and picnic tables outside.  We watched a large number going out the door as take-out, too. Continue reading


Little Tap House Burger Portland, ME

The cheeseburger at Little Tap House, Portland, Maine | Between appointments one noon this week, Liz and I found ourselves walking by The Little Tap House at 106 High Street, near Congress, in downtown Portland.  Liz thought she had read that the Little Tap House had made a “Best Burger in Portland” list, so of course that is all it took for us to instantly make lunch plans.  We each ordered the burger (local Pineland Farms  beef) adding cheddar and caramelized onions (we did find it unusual that ordering the optional cooked onions did not result in deleting the uncooked red onion).  Liz’ sweet potato fries were quite notably undercooked, an anomaly we were assured by our friendly server.  The “regular” hand-cut fries were perfection.  The artisan bun was soft but unheated, and it didn’t stand up to the rigors of holding this delicious mouthful of a burger together; eventually disintegrating apart toward the 2/3rd mark of consumption.  Liz likes subtle seasoning on a burger and was suitably pleased.  I found my requested “medium” cooked burger was closer to “medium rare”, and, for me, that reduced the overall experience a bit.   The pickles, while certainly very good, were sweeter than they were tart, and it may just me, but burgers are best served with the tart variety.   In search of Maine’s Top 5 ***** burger, this one has potential but lands in the 3-1/2*** to 4**** range.  Close though; another visit with perhaps a requested cook to a medium-well level and a differently handled bun (we suspect warming it would help with having it hold together), and correctly cooked fries may render closer-to-the-top marks.  RC / LH / 05.27.13

Little Tap House

Really comfortable surroundings abound at The Little Tap House.


This burger was really good and is on its way to being in the final running in our quest to find the definitive “best burger in Maine”….




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